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GC LabCell (“GCLC”) is a cell-therapy-specialized company focusing on NK cells and stem-cell therapeutics. GCLC is a subsidiary of GC Holdings, Corp., whose subsidiaries are engaged in human vaccines, antibody therapeutics, CTL-based adoptive immunotherapy, and clinical laboratory business. GCLC was founded in June 2011 from a GC Labs spin-off and an NK-cell-based immunotherapy platform licensed from the MOGAM Biotechnology Institute.

Recently, the GCLC’s advanced NK-cell-based platform has been integrated into a manufacturing facility that is completely GMP compliant with the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. A Phase I clinical trial was successfully completed in Korea in 2012. Ex vivo-expanded allogeneic highly activated NK cells (MG4101) are currently being studied in a Phase II trial for patients with HCC (Hepatocellular carcinoma) in Korea. GCLC is committed to pioneering NK-cell-based next-generation adoptive cellular immunotherapy including CAR-NK. GCLC is also concentrating its efforts on research and development of stem-cell therapy to treat incurable inflammatory diseases.