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by Feldan on Feb 8,2019

Feldan Therapeutics is proud to
unveil its new corporate identity!

This new visual highlights the
company's commitment to the therapeutic development of the Feldan Shuttle
technology, an innovation developed in-house by Feldan's scientists. The
company's initial focus, which was the production and sale of recombinant
proteins, was gradually put aside to fully concentrate efforts on the
translation of the Feldan Shuttle technology to human clinical trials.

The new name (Feldan
Therapeutics), the slogan (Deliver to Cure), the new logo and the new website
are all in line with the company's mission to develop advanced therapeutic
applications based on the characteristics of its patented platform.
Furthermore, the Feldan Therapeutics team is also proud to reveal its internal
pipeline of clinical programs that take advantage of the unique features of the
Feldan Shuttle.

All of my colleagues join me in thanking you for your interest and support in our work. Stay tuned, the best of Feldan is still around the corner!

François-Thomas Michaud, Ph.D. Eng., CEO

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